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This is the brothers’ night prayer service. It takes a bit of getting used to, but after a while becomes a real time of calm in the hussle of a busy day. It is a short service where each side of the chapel says or sings lines of a psalm. We all get some training in how to do it before joining the brothers!

Evening Activity
Still a few hours to go! From about 9.45pm we all join together for home spun evening entertainment. Presented by the adults or team leaders (older campers) we have had some fairly crazy games and activities in the past - wide games, club nights, quizzes (Shooting stars and life sized Cluedo), films and night hikes. The last night we gather around a bonfire and chill out with cake and hot chocolate.

Lights out
11pm is the official lights out time, but you can stay up later quietly chatting by torch light in the marquee. We do encourage sleep as you soon get tired with such a packed day. On a clear night you can lay out on the hill to watch shooting stars.

Other special activities
We go to a local school and use their outdoor (heated) swimming pool and grounds to play sports. One day during the camp we have a lie-in, then go out for a long afternoon to somewhere like Bournemouth, Bristol or Weymouth. Near the end of camp we put on a 'Revue' where we show off our musical, poetic or theatrical talents. We also have a 'visitor day' where parents and old friends from the camp are invited to an outdoor service and lunch on the camp site.

Can groups of people come?
Yes! Individuals do have a great time at hyc but coming as a group means you get to share the special hyc experience all year.  We do ask that a leader accompanies groups of seven or more young people.

What should I bring?
You will need to bring a tent (or have a space in one), sleeping bag, clothes, cutlery and wash items. All food and transport on camp are provided. A full kit list is sent out in July.

What are the facilities like?
The camp site is located on the edge of the Friary and has terraces for us to camp on (a large field). Cooking, eating and games take place in a marquee at the bottom of the hill. We share the Friary toilets, showers, drying room, chapel and a recreation room where we hold many of our evening activities.

How do I get to Hyc?
The Friary is well connected by train from London and Exeter. Regular trains stop at Yeovil and Yetminster. You will need picking up by car from one of these stations. Driving instructions and a map can be found at:

Need more information?
For a promotional DVD and booking forms/publicity please contact Bob Bailey via email: office@sandalmagna.fsnet.co.uk. Please provide your full address.

A typical day

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Waking up at hyc is a magical experience as we camp on terraces. So when you poke your head out of your tent door you get the most amazing view over the beautiful Dorset landscape (we are slap bang in the middle of Thomas Hardy country). At the bottom of the hill is the large marquee where many of the activities take place including breakfast. You can either cook yourself a breakfast (or bribe someone else to) or have cereal. It’s a short walk to the showers and toilets at the Friary. The adult team meets to look at the days events - usually dictated by the weather!

Morning Worship
This starts at 9.45am, presented by two members of the adult team. It’s sometimes meditational, witty or just plain silly. We usually sing a few worship songs and receive the days notices. As with most activities a game may appear!

Tea with the Brothers
Bring your mug because at 10.15am we meet with the Brothers and have tea in the court yard at the heart of the friary. If its sunny everyone sits outside and chats. It is also a time to raid the friary shop which is well stocked with snacks and drinks.

From 10.30am the campers and leaders split into groups in order to get tasks completed. This is also a great time to chat and get to know people. Tasks include cooking, washing up, cleaning, helping the brothers and preparing the 'evening session'. these may only take an hour leaving time to sit around chatting or playing football.

At 1pm a loud bang of saucepan lids announces its time for lunch; baked potatoes, pizza or sandwiches.

Afternoon Trip
It’s 2.15pm and we make our way to the minibuses to go out to the beach or a local town. We use a professional outdoor activity centre for rock climbing. Hilfield is within easy reach of some fantastic holiday destinations - Weymouth, Dorchester, Glastonbury, West Bay and Lyme Regis are all possible in an afternoon. Or we might spend on site in video, music, dance and art workshops with time for sport or more games. If the weather is really bad we will go to a local cinema or bowling.

Evening Meal
At 6pm we enjoy a full meal, roast chicken, sausages, lasagne etc followed by pudding.

Evening Session
One team will guide us all through an evening session at 7.45 exploring an aspect of the theme. It is often thought provoking, challenging and creative. Each evening takes on a different style using drama, music, games, discussion, brain storming and worship. The team is supported by the 'Theme Team' who oversee the whole theme and facilitate. Then we split into groups based on age and sex to discuss a series of questions which reflect on the evening session. It is also a chance to talk about how the session went.