Do I have to be a Christian to go?
No, but you will be expected to join in with services (20 minute 'Night Prayer' with the brothers, a short service on our day out, short morning worships led by the adult team and two communion services).

What is the camp’s ethos?
Each person on the camp is respected and has a chance to contribute to the running of the camp through belonging to a 'team' to fulfil tasks such as cooking, cleaning, washing up and presenting an aspect of the theme during an evening session. The groups are supported by the adult team and 'The Theme Team'. Although the camp encourages diversity it is strongly rooted in Franciscan spirituality. The evening sessions can be serious but also may contain games, drama and general silly behaviour. We encourage everyone to be creative and enjoy themselves.

Who organises Hyc?
The inspiration and leadership of the camp comes from the Anglican Franciscans, we are guests at their home, Hilfield Friary. The Host, Ali Waller, has responsibility for the campers general well-being and they co-ordinate the camp. A team of clergy and Franciscans form the spiritual leadership. Other roles are cooking co-ordinator, first aider, treasurer and administrator. About eight adults form the main leadership. They are all volunteers. A small group of older campers called 'The Theme Team' have overall responsibility for the theme. The camp itself is overseen by the Society of St. Francis (an Anglican, Franciscan order).

How long has the camp been running?
Since 1976.

How safe is hyc?
The camp takes it's duty of care to young people very seriously and has a policy document covering how the camp is run, leaders responsibilities and procedures in the unlikely event of an emergency. All leaders are CRB checked (Criminal Records Bureau) and have guidelines on behaviour. We expect all campers to abide by basic rules such as no drugs, not leaving site without permission and participating in the life of the camp. Campers can be sent home if the rules are broken or inappropriate behaviour is displayed. The camp is alcohol free.

What if I am over 18 years of age?
Everyone over the age of 18 is counted as a leader. There are lots of opportunities to help on camp. Please get in touch with us to find out more.

Do people come back?
Yes! Nearly 80% of campers return each year, many become leaders when they turn 18.

Do we meet together during the year?
We hold an official reunion weekend in February. People also get together unofficially to party and catch up.

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